[WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT] CIX - 6th EP Album ['OK' Episode 2 : I'm OK] Offline & Video Call Event #2

Jul 22, 2023Naomi Leow

Announcing the winners of the CIX - 6th EP Album ['OK' Episode 2 : I'm OK] Offline & Video Call Event. 





Please also take note of the following information below:

[ Winners of the Offline Fansign Event ] 

-Although it is not mandatory, all participants are highly advised to wear masks.
-You are not allowed to switch or transfer the entrance ticket and sequence, and the participant is solely responsible for the damage caused by the switch or transfer. Please take note that anyone else other than the winners are only able to receive their entrance ticket to the event.
-Winners of this event are requested to bring their physical ID attached with a photo, and acceptable IDs are as below so please refer to them. You will be restricted from entry if you do not bring any of the below.
Korean minors: Elementary, middle and high school student ID, passport, nationally recognized certificate with date of birth
Korean adults: resident registration card, driver’s license, passport
All foreigners: passport, alien registration card
※ All winners, except for Korean minors, cannot use their student ID (including university) for identification purposes.
※ Only ID cards whose validity has not expired are accepted.
- You will not be able to participate in this event if you lose your entry ticket and/or number badge.
-Entering or leaving the event location will be restricted as soon as the event starts depending on the situation.
-1EA of the album that you have purchased for the fansign event will be given out at the event location. You do not have to bring any albums to the event. 
-Please make sure that you do not have any cameras, recording device or smart watch when receiving your signature. If caught, your participation will be cancelled or may be forcefully asked to leave.
Also, any live broadcast on all SNS platforms is banned. (EX. Instagram Live, Facebook Live, AFREECA TV etc.) When caught, all related data will be deleted, and participant will be forced to leave.
-You are only allowed to receive signature on the allocated page of the SAVE ME Ver. of CIX 6th EP Album 'OK' Episode 2 : I'm OK’.
-Questions on post-its are not allowed for this fansign. (Drawing, Notes, Letters or PS requests are not allowed)
-Letters & Gifts are not allowed and will not be passed to the artist. Fansign items will be passed on to the artists through staff and will be returned to fans after the event is over. Items that are not collected at the end of the event will be disposed of.

[ Winners of the Video Call Event ]

-​Winners of the event will receive a message via the Video Call Application you have selected from us next week. Please read the message and leave us a reply by 26th July 2023 (Wednesday) 1PM KST.
*Winners must make sure that your Video Call App is searchable via your ID.
-If your ID is not searchable, it will be impossible to proceed with participating in the video call event.
-The order of the video call event could be the same as the winner announcement list.
-Please take note that there will be a test call session to test your internet connection and environment 1 hour before the video call event starts (29th July 2023, 14PM KST)
-Test call time may change according to the situation of the event location.
-Differing accounts might send you terms and conditions the video call application that you have provided due to the event.
-Please be attentive & responsive to the messages that the personnel sends to you for the smooth procedures of the event.

Congratulations to all the winners. 

Thank you,


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