About Us

K-Pop Glow US' primary focus is to spread awareness and deliver the best of Korean Pop goods to your doorstep. Our teams both in Korea and in the United States continue to work together to look for products that are not readily available at the best prices with quick delivery. 
We make sure that each item brought into our store has been carefully reviewed and meets our expectations in quality and purpose.
We continuously look out for your favorite artists and bring them closer to you.

K-Pop Glow US online store provides affordable pricing and friendly services that makes K-Pop goods shopping enjoyable and convenient.

We assemble your shipping orders with utmost care and packaging. We also understand the struggles of slow shipping and think that it is important that our customers receive their orders as soon as possible!

Therefore, we proudly deliver fast shipping to our customers located in the US so that there is no waiting game. Currently, we are shipping our products throughout the United States only but hope to expand our services internationally in the future.
We look forward to hearing from you and feel free to share your experiences through our social media outlets!