BLITZERS - EP Album Vol.3 [WIN-DOW] (Random Ver.)

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EP Album Vol.3 - WIN-DOW (Random Ver.)
(WIN/DOW Ver.)

- Photo Book (2 versions, 72p)
- CD-R (2 versions)
- Photo Card (2 versions, Random 1ea out of 7ea)
- Toon Card (2 versions, Random 1ea out of 7ea)
- Monthly Planner (Random 1ea out of 12ea)
- Diary Index (Random 1ea out of 2ea)
- Special Photo Coupon (Random 1ea out of 7ea)
- Special Coupon Sticker (Random 1ea out of 28ea)

Track List
1. Slide
2. Win-Dow
3. Hit The Bass
4. Love is New Gravity
6. Gradiation

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