Vegan Hand Butter Set x Stray Kids Collaboration (8pcs set, 8pcs ID photocards)

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Vegan Hand Butter Set x Stray Kids Collaboration (8pcs set, 8pcs photocards)


*Include Stray Kids SKZ Passport-size photocards (8ea)* 
- A limited edition set of vegan hand creams designed to moisturize and soften the skin with naturally derived ingredients, providing a non-sticky formula for smooth and attractive hands
- This set features eight different fragrances to choose from, providing options to find your perfect scent for daily use

#Coconut/ fig/cedarwood to create a fruity, floral, woody scent that is sweet, cozy, and elegant
#Lemon / Eucalyptus / Musk - a fresh woody musk scent that combines lemon, eucalyptus, and musk to create a delightful and energizing aroma
#Bergamot / Pine / Musk - combines bergamot, pine, and musk to create a citrus woody herb musk scent that has a fresh, yet mysterious atmosphere
#Orange / Green-note / Musk - combines orange, green notes, and musk to create a citrus green floral scent that provides a clotty bouquet with excitement
#Rose / Green-note / Musk - rose, green notes, and musk to create a fresh floral scent that fills with the charm of tulips
#Apple / Peony / Amber - create a fresh powdery scent that provides a pure and innocent atmosphere
#Vanilla / Neroli / Woody - create an oriental woody smell that provides a warm and cozy feeling
#Jasmine / Muguet / Vanilla - create a floral musk scent that warmly embraces you with a pure smell

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